Investment Proposal: The Tech Hub - South of France

1. Executive Summary: Vision: To become Europe's foremost hub for influencers, online entrepreneurs, and marketers, providing a space for creative convergence, collaboration, and technological advancement.

10/25/20232 min read

a man sitting on a yoga mat in a living room
a man sitting on a yoga mat in a living room

Location: Aude, South of France, near Carcassonne in collaboration with Aude Alliance.

2. Service Offerings:

  • Workspace: 100 individual spaces available 24/7, rentable in 1-hour increments at €20 per hour.

  • High-Speed Internet: Top-tier connectivity for seamless streaming, online collaboration, and high-speed uploads/downloads.

  • Breakout Rooms: For meetings, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative projects.

  • Café: Offers an array of all-natural food and beverages, including coffee.

  • Outdoor Space: For relaxation, open-air meetings, and events.

  • Fitness & Recreation: Exercise rooms, bikes, and spaces for physical well-being.

  • Specialized Facilities: Kitchens for cooking shows, garages for large-scale projects.

  • Gaming Stations: For game development, competitions, and other gaming-related activities.

  • Content Creation Suite: Comprehensive facilities for video creation, 3D modeling, green screen setups, animation, and anime.

3. Market Analysis:

The rise of the digital economy has paved the way for influencers, marketers, and online entrepreneurs to play a pivotal role in today's business landscape. With the right infrastructure and resources, these professionals can exponentially amplify their impact.

4. Competitive Advantage:

  • Location: Situated in the picturesque South of France, the hub provides a serene and inspiring environment.

  • Full-Spectrum Services: Unlike typical co-working spaces, we offer specialized facilities catering specifically to the needs of our target market.

  • Alliance: Partnership with Aude Alliance ensures strong local support and potential collaborations.

5. Revenue Model:

Primary revenue streams:

  • Workspace rental

  • Café sales

  • Specialized facility rental (kitchens, garages, etc.)

  • Subscription packages for regular members

  • Consulting and business services

6. Investment Ask:

To be determined (further information to come).

7. Utilization of Funds:

  • Infrastructure: Building and setting up the hub.

  • Technology: Procuring high-end equipment and software.

  • Personnel: Hiring of staff, consultants, and specialists.

  • Marketing: Branding, promotions, and customer acquisition strategies.

  • Licensing & Compliance: Ensuring the hub operates within legal guidelines.

  • Contingency Fund: For unforeseen expenses.

8. Projected Returns:

With an estimate of full occupancy, the potential revenue is:

  • Workspace: €20 x 100 spaces x 24 hours = €48,000/day

  • Other services: To be determined based on pricing and demand.

(Yearly projections, ROI, and other financial models will be provided.)

9. Exit Strategy (for Investors):

Options include partial/total buyout after a certain period, dividends from profits, or reinvestment opportunities in expanding the brand.

The detailed proposal will contain more granular financials, member acquisition strategies, sustainability plans, and more. This pitch serves as a preliminary overview to spark interest. We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us, shaping the future of digital creation and entrepreneurship in Europe.